ABOUT Jamieson Community Center

Jamieson Community Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit primarily serving residents of Warren County.  


Our programs are designed to increase food security and help people with essential services. More than 2,500 people receive some type of assistance from JCC each year. Some receive meals on a daily basis through our Senior Nutrition or Summer Meals programs, some are guests each month at our pantry, some receive seasonal help with school supplies or at Christmas, and some receive help on an annual basis through our Jingle Bills fund.  Many more shop at our thrift store to buy clothing or household items at affordable prices. We administer Warm Neighbors Cool Friends energy assistance program.  


We are a partner agency of Warren County United Way and receive funding from Western Illinois Area Agency on Aging for the Senior Nutrition Program.  We are fortunate to receive wonderful support from local foundations our community churches, businesses, organizations, and residents.  In addition to monetary donations, in-kind donations of food, clothing, household supplies and volunteer hours contribute in a big way to our programs and services.  The generosity of our neighbors helps us fund our programs, keep our expenses down and continue services even as our numbers served continue to increase each month.

Services from Western Illinois Works, Inc. are also available Monday - Thursday at the Monmouth Affiliate Office located at JCC (309-734-4745).  

Where our funding comes from:

Nancy Mowen

Note from the Executive Director

I feel blessed to be a part of the long-standing tradition that is Jamieson Community Center.  In our current economy, many working people are struggling to make ends meet, some working two or three part time jobs.  We never know what life has in store for us, whether it be a job lay-off, an illness or severe injury, or simply the inability to earn a living wage that keeps up with inflation.  I believe that through coordinated efforts, we can ensure that all people including children, people with disabilities, and our senior citizens have essential services.  


Coming from an educator's background, I also believe that education is critical and will be working to implement materials, classes and group sessions at JCC. If you have suggestions, I would love to hear from you.  I am working hard to keep our expenses down and our revenues up so that we may, in partnership with other area agencies, help address the needs of the people in our community.


Thank you for your support!