Increasing food security

JCC Food Pantry


Families or individuals who meet federal income guidelines can receive essential food supplies on a short term basis. Many of our guests work part time because they are unable to find full time employment. Some are senior citizens whose retirement "nest egg" fell short due to inflation.  Other visitors are disabled or need temporary help due to a severe illness or injury.  During the pandemic, families with children can come to our pantry weekly and families without children can come twice a month. Click here for income guidelines.  Through a partnership with Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank, we offer two packages of diapers per month per child to families with children ages birth through age two, period supplies and adult incontinence products.  We have a consistent supply of toothpaste, shampoo, soap and toilet paper and through a new partnership with Community Hygiene Pantry, we also offer laundry soap, householder cleaner and deodorant, as well as toothbrushes.  Our main pantry is located in our Community Marketplace.  JCC also has a pantry for teenagers located at Recharge Teen Center in Monmouth.   


The pantry is stocked through monetary donations from area churches,

organizations, businesses and individuals.  Twomey Foundation contributes

to help us meet emergency food needs in our community.

Warren Henderson Farm Bureau supplies milk and Smithfield supplies pork loins.  


Midwest Food Bank, located in Peoria, provides us with a monthly

food allocation at no charge. 


River Bend Food Bank lets us purchase certain foods at 18 cents per pound.

Other food and commodities can be purchased at a discounted price.  

Each month, we receive some food at no cost based on our numbers served.

Weekend Meals began in 2018.  Shelf-stable meals are sent home on Fridays with students in the Monmouth-Roseville school district who don't have enough food in their homes.  Students can be parent or staff referred. Each bag contains whole grain cereals, shelf-stable milk, 100% juice, whole grain crackers, cheese or peanut butter and jelly, and a pasta/meat dish.  The menus rotate for variety.  Weekend Meals are possible in collaboration with River Bend Food Bank, Twomey Foundation, Warren County United Way and Illinois Charitable Trust.  $180 feeds a child for the entire school year.  

We serve an average household size of 900 individuals each month


Community Marketplace Hours:                                    

  10 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday 


Jamieson Community Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider and a drug-free workplace.


Our Mailing Address:  PO Box 495, Monmouth, IL  61462