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Food Pantries

We currently have two food pantries. JCC Food Pantry is located our Community Marketplace and a fully stocked food pantry is located at Eagle View Community Health System's Recharge Teen Center.  The JCC Food Pantry serves an average of 1,387 individuals each month and 157 people through the Recharge pantry.


Families or individuals who live in Warren County and meet our income guidelines can receive essential food and diapers and/or period supplies. Many of our guests work part time because they are unable to find full time employment. Some are senior citizens whose retirement "nest egg" fell short due to inflation. Other visitors are disabled or need temporary help due to a severe illness or injury.  Regardless of the situation we are happy they are here.  Food plays an integral role in physical, mental, and social well-being.   


At the pantry in the Community Marketplace, families with children can come weekly and families without children can come twice a month.  Teens from all communities, entering 8th grade through the age of 18, may visit the pantry in the Recharge Teen Center as often as they would like.  

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"Healthy bodies and minds require nutritious meals at every age.  But when people don't have enough food or have to choose inexpensive foods with low-nutritional value, it can seriously impact their health."

~ Feeding America

Food plus more!

Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank
Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank.png

Through a partnership with Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank, we offer two packages of diapers per month per child to families with children ages birth through age two, period supplies and adult incontinence products.



The pantry is stocked through monetary donations from area churches, organizations, businesses and individuals. 


Twomey Foundation contributes to help us meet emergency food needs in our community.

Warren Henderson Farm Bureau supplies milk and Smithfield supplies pork loins.  

Food Donations:  We will accept food items in their original, unopened packaging/container, and not past the expiration date in accordance with health department regulations.  PLEASE NOTE:  We can only take processed meat from a Type I licensed processing facility.  Please call us BEFORE you schedule processing.

Buy from our wish lists:  Purchase items on-line for JCC Food Pantry and Recharge Food Pantry.  Use our Walmart regsitry or Amazon Wish lists and have it shipped directly to Jamieson Community Center.  Round up your on-line Walmart purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the change to JCC.

Monetary Donations:  Cash can be dropped off at our office, checks can be mailed to JCC, PO Box 495, Monmouth, IL  61462, or credit card donations can be made below.

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JCC Food Pantry Hours:

Located in the JCC Community Marketplace


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

If you are arriving in the afternoon, please allow enough time to shop before we close at 4 PM.

Eagle View Recharge Teen Center Hours:

Located at 213 S. Main St. in Monmouth

Monday - Friday

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

If you are unable to pick up food due to work or illness please call us at 309-734-4251.

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