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Job Opportunities

Would you like to work in a supportive environment that promotes personal and professional growth? Do you share Jamieson Community Center’s vision of unifying our community through compassion, kindness, and service?


All positions are day time, Monday - Friday, with holidays off.

We currently do not have any job opportunities at this time. 
Please check back or follow us on      for job opportunities.
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Why work at Jamieson Community Center?

The reasons that we take jobs are not necessarily the reasons we stay at jobs. I started at JCC because I need to supplement my income, I stay at JCC because I get to build relationships...with students, other teachers, administrators, my tutors, and parents. We all work together for a common cause; to improve the skills of our local youth, who in turn will make our community stronger. The work that I do here changes lives.

~ Kathy Mainz, Pattee Learning Center Coordinator

I love my job.  I enjoy the people I work with and mostly I love seeing the positive impact of what we do for our community.

~  Christa Millard, Essential Goods Manager

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