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School Supplies/STARS


"Thanks to S.T.A.R.S., my children started the school year on a positive note.  They were able to concentrate on learning instead of worrying about school supplies."

~Kim, mother of three

Senior Meals/Senior Nutrition

Senior Nutrition

"Just talked to my mom!  She's in love with the Meals on Wheels program.  Nice for me knowing she has a great balanced meal!  Great program!!"

~Sandy from Oquawka

One of our Senior Nutrition participants called to thank us.  "the lunch was great and to be honest, I probably would not eat if it's not ready for me."


Listen to stories
"We realize it is difficult to ask for help, but at Jamieson Community Center it is not difficult."

"I looked in our cupboard and we only have one can of food in there," stated a boy from the Summer Meals program. 

Pattee Learning Center

Pattee Learning Center

"Dear Ms. Kathy,

Thanks for having us here,  It helped me learn a lot.  This program has taught me how to be a better reader.  I am so proud of us."

~A student spontaneously wrote a letter to our PLC Coordinator


Thrift Store

"This place has been a life saver because of kids clothes!"

~Thrift Store Shopper


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